Error while installing

Oh, I didn’t think of that - good thing I asked, thanks :smiley:

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You can check with wget if your DNS/network config has issues by downloading an add-on from the openHAB online repo:

E.g. inside the container:

wget -O /tmp/org.openhab.ui.paper-2.5.5.jar

Or on the host

docker exec openhab wget -O /tmp/org.openhab.ui.paper-2.5.5.jar

That is more realistic than just pinging Google. :wink:

Thanks for the commands. Unfortunately looks like the network configuration is not the problem:

root@aec6a27e1667:/tmp# wget -O /tmp/org.openhab.ui.paper-2.5.5.jar
--2020-05-19 13:59:13--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 935477 (914K) [application/java-archive]
Saving to: ‘/tmp/org.openhab.ui.paper-2.5.5.jar’

/tmp/org.openhab.ui.paper-2.5.5.jar                            100%[=================================================================================================================================================>] 913.55K  1.10MB/s    in 0.8s

2020-05-19 13:59:14 (1.10 MB/s) - ‘/tmp/org.openhab.ui.paper-2.5.5.jar’ saved [935477/935477]

This was run from inside the OpenHAB container.

Good to know. My testing was just for very basic setup & getting it running.

At least network_mod: host is the easy way.
It seams it can work without that as well, see:

But the experience I had in my specific setup was that I needed network_mode: host otherwise Phillips Hue Bridge would not work, I believe it had something to do with arping or something in the locale network.

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