Errors in log for Wemo brightness channel

I’m getting these errors in the logs for my Wemo bulbs:

2017-07-20 23:06:02.069 [ERROR] [ome.binding.wemo.handler.WemoHandler] - Failed to get actual state for device 'wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221710K01048A3': Could not call WeMo

These are the item definitions:

Dimmer GarageLight_Brightness "Garage Light Brightness [%.1f %%]" <dimmablelight> {channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231551B01006E7:94103EF6BF436A40:brightness"}

In Habmin, I see the brightness level, but not in BasicUI. I’ve googled and found no definitive answer, can someone provide some insight?

If you read your log carefully, you see that it is related to a WeMo Insight switch and a normal switch (wemo:insight and wemo:socket), not your led lights.
And it is nothing binding related, the error just ssays that the polling job was not able to comminicate with your WeMo switch.