Errors in Paper UI (define is not defined)

I’ve just installed OH 2.0 I am getting some strange errors when opening the controls. Somtimes the contols load fine and somtimes I only see the controls for a fraction of a second and then they dissapear. I’am using Chrome, but I also saw this in Microsoft Edge. In the Chrome debugger I found a strange exception:

Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined
at jquery-ui.min.js:1
at jquery-ui.min.js:1

Here is the line in the jquery-ui.min.js that is causing the problem:
!function() {
define([“jquery”, “./data”, “./disable-selection”, “./focusable”, “./form”, “./ie”, “./keycode”, “./labels”, “./jquery-1-7”, “./plugin”, “./safe-active-element”, “./safe-blur”, “./scroll-parent”, “./tabbable”, “./unique-id”, “./version”])

I configured the things and items manually using config files. Could this cause this problem or is this a bug?