Errors with habmin rules please help!

Hi all, iM trying to make rules work with habmin, mysensors binding they give me an error and most of the time habmin wont save or delete my rules??? can somebody please take a look at my rule code…i’m using graphical rules with openhabian fresh install…thanks in advance

e for node 50 to 2017-02-27T13:27:19.779-0500

13:27:19.786 [DEBUG] [ternal.handler.MySensorsThingHandler] - Setting last update for node 50 to 2017-02-27T13:27:19.783-0500
13:27:19.790 [DEBUG] [ternal.handler.MySensorsThingHandler] - Setting last update for node 50 to 2017-02-27T13:27:19.788-0500
13:27:19.794 [DEBUG] [ternal.handler.MySensorsThingHandler] - Setting last update for node 50 to 2017-02-27T13:27:19.792-0500
13:27:19.797 [ERROR] [rs.internal.protocol.MySensorsReader] - (java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not update state, because callback is missing) on reading from connection, message: class org.openhab.binding.mysensors.internal.protocol.ip.MySensorIpReader