ESP relay board

Which one binding shall I use to control this board :
without changing any software inside ?
It is controlled simply over TCP commands

Turn OFF the first relay : A0 01 00 A1
Turn ON the first relay : A0 01 01 A2
Turn OFF the second relay : A0 02 00 A2
Turn ON the second relay : A0 02 01 A3
Turn OFF the third relay : A0 03 00 A3
Turn ON the third relay : A0 03 01 A4
Turn OFF the fourth relay : A0 04 00 A4
Turn ON the fourth relay : A0 04 01 A5

Hi, probably the TCP binding fits your needs:

I have installed TCP/UDP binding, but if I click Add Thing, I don’t see TCP/UDP category item.
How to use it in paper UI ?

That is a version 1 binding that does not use Things.

I have a switch that can be controlled via UDP commands.
I use a shell script that turns on/off the switch.
Inside the shell script I use the nc ( netcat ) command to control the switch.

In my case the command looks like:

echo -n "OUT2 1" | nc -4u -q1 $SwitchIp $SwitchPort

where $SwitchIp and $SwitchPort are placeholders for the related items.
The above command would turn on output two.
-4 stands for IPv4
-u stands for UDP
-q1 waits for one second after the echo command is executed ( after stdin is closed )

Via a similar command I can query the status of the different switches.