ESP32 based BLE, 433mhz & IR gateway bidirectional with MQTT --> OpenMQTTGateway

Hello, here is some insight about the support for kaku,

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here is some infos about openmqttgateway new pinout :

@all, if you want you can vote in the github issues list by adding +1 to the next enhancement you would like to see in the next release click on the smiley on the top right of the issue description

For example did I should better work on Json/homie implementation or xiaomi miflora integration.

It will enable to have the community opinion on the next priorities


I’m pleased to announce V0.5 of OpenMQTTGateway with:


Hello, small additional question, didn’t want to open it as an issue at github, because its just a small thing, but i have a question if it’s possible to determine the retain status of the messages?

at the moment, it seems that the latest message is always retained, so that the next time my gateway device restarts it connects to the mosquitto instance and resends the retained messages, sometimes turning on tv or something else in the middle of the night (in the case of an esp8266 random reset)(a seperate issue i’m working on)

Thanks for any feedback and keep up the good work

Hello @crightonsetchfield ,

you mean that the gateway resend IR or RF signal once the ESP8266 restarted (MQTTtoRF or MQTTtoIR direction)?

Yes, exactly that, it just goes through the 3 topics that are retained…

BUT… i am just thinking that it might be because of the settings of OPENHAB rather than the gateway that is dictating the retain status…

You are right in this direction as it is openhab the publisher I think it is more related to openhab mqtt config.

I am unable to receive signals (and not been able to try sending).
Planned to a signal after receiving one.

I am using FS1000A and MX-RM-5V…

Wait, it seems that I cannot read Intertechno V3 signals…
(It detects the signal of my older junk).

Cool, so I got it to work with my old non-intertechno e-Home stuff to work.
(In fhem it behaved weird and in OpenHab I had to use raw mode).
So I am impressed that it works out of the box with the OpenMQTTGateway.
Now if only I could get my intertechno stuff to work…

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I also tried to compile ZgatewayRF2 (to make use of NewRemote) but… cannot succeed…

> penMQTTGateway/ZgatewayRF2.ino: In function 'void setupRF2()':
> ZgatewayRF2:54: error: invalid conversion from 'void (*)(unsigned int, long unsigned int, long unsigned int, long unsigned int, long unsigned int)' to 'NewRemoteReceiverCallBack {aka void (*)(NewRemoteCode)}' [-fpermissive]
>        NewRemoteReceiver::init(RF_RECEIVER_PIN, 2, rf2Callback);

Ok, got it to work, I downloaded your git of NewRemote, whereas previously I was trying to use attiny-kaku.
But nothing happens… is it still the same pin on NodeMCU? i.e. D3?

If I use ShowReceivedCode - which pin?

#ifdef ESP8266
  NewRemoteReceiver::init(5, 2, showCode);

Is that D2 or D1?

I noticed that when I ran ShowReceivedCode it jammed my 433Mhz band…
So I gave up on it and went back to trying to get RF2 to work on OpenMQTTGateway
I think I got it to work!

Known as IT v3, Trust IT1500, COCO 1500, and so many other names…

I do something get something (but inconsistently at times):
ZgatewayRF2 setup done
MQTT connection…
Connected to broker
Subscription OK to the subjects
Rcv. RF2
Adv data RF2toMQTT
Rcv. RF2
Adv data RF2toMQTT
Rcv. RF2
Adv data RF2toMQTT

Over MQTT:
home/RF2toMQTT/CODE_23888610/UNIT_0/GROUP_0/PERIOD_270, 0
home/RF2toMQTT/CODE_23888610/UNIT_0/GROUP_0/PERIOD_270, 1

It feels a bit glitchy at reading the signals though. Could the transmitter is not so good?

I used the pub and it flicked it on and off! :slight_smile:
Now, how can I keep the non RF2 system working in parallel?

I have a second 433 transmitter/receiver on the way so I can use additional pins if needed.

I mostly want to detect remove signals.
I have a nanoCUL that is available to transmit signals.
This project started because I want 433 remotes to be detected by openhab (since nanoCUL receive mode is not working in OH2 yet).


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Or just make 2 gatways, the parts are cheap enough I suppose.

You can have RF and RF2 working together but:

  • RF receiving and emitting
  • RF2 emitting only


I will have a go and the code myself.

nanoCUL and fhem which runs on atmeg manages both types at once. So I had
them used as receivers and transmitters for all devices.

I am especially interested in receiving.

Would it be possible to use 2 receivers AND 2 different gpio instead.


I think so but you will have to modify the code a little bit to don’t use config_rf for RF2 and maybe a config_rf2

If you are interested in adding IR to the sonoff RF bridge here is how to:

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Hi there,
i have a little problem getting your good looking OpenMQTTGateway to run on a NodeMCU ESP8266 12E.

It is current build on a breadboard with a 433 reciever and sender.
Running on the nodemcu the rcswitch advance recieve demo sketch works and i recieve messages.
But running the gateway with the same pin set for the config_rf.h never gets a message recieved.

As only the sw is switched i’m nearly 100% shure that the wiring is correct :slight_smile:

Do you got any idea what could have been wrong on my side? I think you will need more details for answering so ask and i can answer.

The MQTT Part with the wlan part works flawless.

I use the Arduino-IDE to upload the code and view the serial output.