ESP32 Cam recodingMP4 only creates 1kb file - IP Camera Binding

  • Platform information: raspberry Pi 3
    • openHAB version: 3.01
    • IP Camera Binding

By running a rule with action to create a Mp4 recoding, the output file is always 1kb with content " ftypisom isomiso2mp41 free mda…"

I tried different firmware, but all the same.

  • Creating/recoding GIF → works fine.
  • URL: openhab:serverport/ipcamera.jpg → works fine
  • URL: openhab:serverport/snapshots.mjpeg → works fine

At the moment I’m using Tasmota firmware with ffmpegInput=“http://tasmotacam:81/stream” and same for mjpegUrl.

Thanks for any hint.

Esp32 cameras are not powerful enough to do h264 aka mp4 recordings in real-time but they can probably do short recordings. Please see the binding docs to see the special settings needed for these cameras as they need an extra setting for the stream to be recognised as mjpeg which is different from mp4.