ESP8266 MQTT RGB control


I’m currently migrating from Home Assistant to openHAB. I use some ESP 8266s to control some of those “dump” RGB LED stripes.
Basicly its exactly like this:

Im not very good at coding, so is there a way to get my ESPs running in openHAB?
I guess the MQTT messages from OH are different.


Take a look at ESPEasy firmware, openHAB MQTT support is included.
I did not yet try it with RGB, though …

Just wondering if you have had any luck yet in completing the transition. I just started working on this and almost have it done. I have the correct syntax to publish created using a rule but haven’t quite figured out how to carry that over to an item for publishing via MQTT. Looking at my event log I know I am on the right track.

Hey, sorry for the late answer.
No I haven’t worked on it anymore, because I won’t be back at my home till Mid of September. When I will be back I will try a bit.
Like I mentioned, I’m not very good at coding. But if you need help, tell me

No worries. I figured it out and have everything working. If you get back into the project and need some help I will be more than happy to share what I can.