ESP8266 with RF 433MHZ Receiver

Hello, i got esp easy running on my ESP8266 but i wanna cnnect it to a RF 433MHz receiver to receive some specific signals and create an event. Most tutorial i see is how to connect with RF transmitter. I need help please

Maybe try RCSwitch library. I made ESP8266+RXB35 and it works great.

What kind of signals are you talking about? What device do you want to receive?


indeed I was in the same situation as you, there is not a lot of ressources about 433mhz receiver for ESP8266. I wrote one so as to interface an emitter and a receiver with MQTT. You can follow the part regarding the receiver.

Please note that the receiver works better if you connect it directly to a 5V power supply and not to the Vin of the ESP8266. Connected to the Vin I got 1 meters of range, and connected directly to the power supply more than 5 meters.

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