ESPHome solution for openHAB

Hello everyone, is there a working solution to connect ESPHome devices to openHAB?
I want to move from Home Assistant to openHAB and have plenty ESPHome sensors and other devices, don’t really fancy stripping and re-programming them all. I will appreciate any help.

Welcome to the openHAB Community @arti86 :heart:

Now since you come from Home Assistent you should recognize this one :wink:

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@arti86 do they talk mqtt? If so then integration is possible.

I looked on their site and their docs are all over the place and hide a lot of details. But it appears you can configure your ESPHome devices to use MQTT and if you enable discovery than the openHAB 2.5 MQTT binding can automatically discover them on the network.

What isn’t clear to me is whether that’s the default or not. It seems like that isn’t and it is configured to work with the HA native API. If that is the case, and switching to MQTT means stripping and reprogramming you might be out of luck.

As I said, I don’t fancy stripping and re-coding over 20 devices, some are in really difficult to reach places.
If i have to do it MQTT it will write my own code, just wanted to avoid it. I think I will stay with Home Assistant which is most not reliable platform in the world!

entire idea of community is to help each other, especially if newbie comes, should get some help. I’m happy to help anyone one if I can, and I have plenty coding experience, developing desktop and server apps as well as programming AVR chips and all sort of ESP devices.
So if someone asks and you want to help just help, you don’t need to speak for everyone else. I’m new here and just wanted to ask if there is know solution for ESPHome.
Home Assistant platform is crap, but openHAB community seems to be not better.


ESPHome uses MQTT and the HomeAssistant MQTT device discovery. In general this works with OpenHAB’s HomeAssistant MQTT implementation so you may not need to do any re-coding of your devices.

I use ESPHome on a few SonOff devices without issues.

thank you, I will try that and let you know :slight_smile:

Discovery in MQTT Client Component is enabled by default.

@arti86, Neither Native API nor MQTT Component are enabled by default when starting from the scratch, so switching from API to mqtt will require rebuilding the firmware and re-flashing modules. If OTA Update Component is enabled, then no physical access to device is required.

BTW, documentation for all new components and improvements from development branch (not merged yet into master) is available under

There are a lot of new components!

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