hi, im having problems binding mqtt to openhab, i have the expert configuration in my openhab and already installed the mqtt binding and did all the instalation in putty, but when i put the comand “sudo nano etc/openhab2/services/mqtt.cfg” there is no file

Which binding did you use, MQTT1 or MQTT2?
The former uses the .cfg the later not!

in used the mqtt binding 2.4 in the UI

In this case no .mqtt.cfg is written and needed.
What you Need is a mqtt broker (either a seperate mqtt broker like mosquito or the embedded one, which is found under Addons-Misc).
After the broker is running create a mqtt broker Thing which connects openhab with the broker, after that create the things for each device (either manual with the generic mqtt things or (if your mqtt Setup allows that) use the auto-discovery for Homie or Home-assistant Setups).

Then have a look at:

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