ETRX358USB on Windows 10 OH2.4 JVM Flooding Code Error

Anyone had any exp with the telegesis 358 on the Windows 10 Zulu JVM?

I can’t find it with a discover. I can manually add Telegesis Conductor, it shows screen and detects the right COM7 port (available in the list at least).

Once I tick it to add the JVM console starts flooding infinite errors to the terminal citing unknown device error comm at telios.c line 513 or similar. (Not at terminal right now)

I can use the telegesis terminal app to successfully issue serial commands to the device so it is definitely online.

Any clues? Thanks team

What Java version of the JVM?

Hi It’s the latest v8 Zulu release available : 8u232b18 / Zulu: JVM

Had a little more success on Pi Buster but the init process cancels out when the zigbee binding tries to set register bit 14 it returns and error:4

TX Telegesis: TelegesisSetRegisterBitCommand [register=14, bit=4, state=true, password=null]

(proceeding this is register=18) which goes through ok.

This is all manually added of course as finding on either platform fails to find anything on the zigbee binding.

Once this happens there is a weird code/java glitch if you disable and re-enable to kick off again (on win or linux) where it throws up a heap of java errors and openhab returns unsupportedFunction unable to init

Then u have to remove the device completely (which throws up more errors) and completely restart openhab service to try again. Something codey buggish going on there with the binding i expect.