Eurotronic spirit spzb0001, Deconz Don't work

Hi there,

I have the “Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee” thermostat.

I use Deconz with the Conbee2 stick with openhabian.

I tried several times to add the thermostat in the phoscon webapp, but I find nothing under sensors.

according to the compatibility list, this is supported by deconz, but that doesn’t seem to be true.

I reset the thermostat several times and removed the battery several times, but it is simply not found.

can someone help me there?
I use the current Openhab / Openhabian and deconz v2.05.74.


I have the same setup, Eurotronic Spirit ZigBee and ConBee II.
Pairing the device is a bit tricky (you’ll find some guides and tipps on the web).

But the real issue is that the deCONZ binding for OpenHAB does not (yet) support thermostates…
There are no channels defined for such devices that OpenHAB items could connect to.

There is already an issue open on GitHub for this:

I hope support will be added soon…

I have it running now, and I’m going through the api from deconz.

i use the http binding

here is my http.cfg


here is an example of one item

//thermostat Keller ID
Group       zigbeethermostatkeller  "Heizung Keller"         {alexa="Endpoint.Thermostat"}
Number thermostatkeller_temp   "Keller Heizung" (zigbeethermostatkeller) { alexa="TemperatureSensor.temperature", http="<[deconzsensors:10000:JSONPATH($.47.state.temperature)]" }
DateTime thernostatkeller_lastupdate "Letztes Update"  (zigbeethermostatkeller) { http="<[deconzsensors:10000:JSONPATH($.47.state.lastupdated)]" }
String thernostateller_reachable "Erreichbar?"  (zigbeethermostatkeller) { http="<[deconzsensors:10000:JSONPATH($.47.config.reachable)]" }
Number thernostateller_valve  "Öffnung Ventil [%.0f %%]"  <pressure>  (zigbeethermostatkeller) { http="<[deconzsensors:10000:JSONPATH($.47.state.valve)]" }
Number thernostateller_heatsetpoint "Heiztemperatur" (zigbeethermostatkeller) { http="<[deconzsensors:10000:JSONPATH($.47.config.heatsetpoint)]" }
Number thernostateller_HeizTemp ""  (zigbeethermostatkeller) { alexa="ThermostatController.targetSetpoint" }

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