Eurotronic Spirit Thermostatic Valve: Measured Temperature offset working?

Hi all,

I use the Eurotronic Spirit Valve for a while with more or less any problems. However I noticed that the measured temperature and the “actual” room temperature (measured with a separate device) differ by about 1 deg. (which is of course normal since the position of the sensors are different). The Spirit valve allows to add an offset to the measured value (parameter 8: Measured Temperature offset). How does this parameter work? I wanted to add an offset of the above mentioned 1 deg by setting this value to 10. However there is no reaction (even nothing in the log) and the value is still the same after reloading the page (PaperUI)…Does it work for anybody here?

Udo Eisenbarth

An old quote I remember but can’t find who said it is

When you have a thermometer you know the temperature. When you have two thermometers you have confusion."

A 1 degree difference can be the result of a lot of things and very very few thermometers have a tolerance less than 1 degree C. So, for example, if you have two sensors with a ± 1 degree C error, there can be up to 2 degrees difference between the two without them performing outside of their spec.

It’s also possible that there is indeed that difference of a temperature in that part of the room.

I don’t know this device but I think the zwave experts will need to know a bit more about the exact steps you used to set that property and whether you used PaperUI or Habmin to change the parameter.