Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus doesn't work

If that’s the case, then your range problem might be expected, since the range is low apparently. What you can do though is check whether it has a green checkmark for Routing in HABmin (see above picture). Also, please tell if there are differences in your properties screen compared to mine in PaperUI (also see above picture).

Let’s try to resove any remaining issues before next winter :wink:

Didn’t have much time lately to play with this. But actually since I moved the controller a little it seems pretty stable. No communication error for over a month. I plan to install some Zwave switches, when I find some time, then I should probably see some routing.

Just checked my device config in PaperUI, and indeed it looks different than yours… (see below). Namely I’m lacking the Zwave Plus references… Maybe this is the reason why unsolicited updates don’t work for me? Maybe I need to update OpenHAB and re-create the device…

And Routing in HABmin has a green checkmark.

Indeed, your Paper UI properties output looks like mine first did I think. This suddenly changed a while back for me to include the Z-wave+ references as these additions indeed consist of. After that I had the feeling that the devices started routing, or routing better at least.

Maybe this is because of your OpenHAB version? I’m using a recent snapshot.

Is there any news on this?

I recently bought four Spirits – unfortunately before I found this topic. All of them are showing the symptoms described here. No routing (the nodes are isolated in the HABmin network viewer) and they do not react on any commands, not even sending sensor information.

Two of the spirits are in sight of the Z-Wave controller, less than 4m away. The other two one floor below, but directly beside a perfectly working Z-Wave wall-plug.

The device information HABmin shows:


OpenHAB is running in V2.3.0 stable as docker container (Debian).

So, I am wondering if it’s worth trying to get them work or better send them back and let the manufacturer deal with the problem.

I would suggest to use the latest snapshot and if there is a problem still, then please provide information on the issue. This thread is nearly a year old and a lot has changed in that time.

With the V2.4.0 snapshot it worked…thanks for the fast reply!

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