Eva Logik ZW97 Z-Wave definition

I picked up an Eva Logik ZW97 plug. It has two separately controlled outlets. The device was added successfully, but I’m not sure the device definition is completely correct. There are three channels: “Switch”, “Switch 1” and “Switch 2”. “Switch 1” and “Switch 2” are for each individual outlet. I believe “Switch” is supposed to control both “Switch 1” and “Switch 2”. However, when turning on “Switch”, only “Switch 1” is recognized as having been turned on and if “Switch 1” is turned on it will turn on “Switch”. Additionally, there association groups and parameters for this device that are not defined, all defined in the device manual.

I’d like to improve the definition of this device. Is there anything I can do to supply you with additional data to improve/complete the definition?

One caveat, I’m still on OpenHAB 2 slowly migrating to OpenHAB 3. It looks like the device definition hasn’t changed between 2.5 and 3. But, hopefully, I should still be able to collect the necessary information for the current database.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Please follow the instructions in the

Device definition:

Hmmm… which is why I opened this query:

NOTE: If you find that there is already a device in the database with the same Type and ID as the one you want to add, don’t just change them or add duplicates. Please flag this on the openHAB forum and we’ll try and work out how best to handle it - for example, the device might be a newer (or older!) version of a similar device with different firmware.