Event log not showing events

My event log suddenly quits showing events and just shows the below entries. This happened after upgrading to 3.1, but it is only on my master which has the most events. It will work for a while after reboot, but then quit.


I had the same problem. In my case at the /var/log/openhab were several logs like events.log.1 openhab.log.2 etc.

Deleting all the files ending with a number fixed the problem for me.

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That worked. I was up to .7 on both files.
Thank you

Sounds like you ran out of space for files. openHAB is supposed to manage this, rolling over old copies etc., but I don’t know the details.
It may be that one of the old files had a permissions problem or suchlike, preventing the rollover working, so you might have solved it permanently.
Or it might come back when you get to 7 again.

I did not look at the memory usage before deleting the files. I will watch to see if that happens again. I was only having this issue on my master unit which runs on RPI4 8gig. The 3 remotes units are RPI3 B+ and they also had files up to .7 but I was not having log issues on these. Thank you

Not memory, filestore or “disk” files. If you are using openhabian that may involve ZRAM.

I have currently the sam issue. But deleting the (also 7) .log files did not solve the issue. Also reboot and update to lates sbapshot doesn‘ help.
Any other experience or sulutions?
Thanks a lot.

My machine started acting up again and I checked the log and it was screwed up again. I had to delete ALL the .log files and let them recreate. Both the Event and Openhab. It has not happened again yet. But I will keep an eye on it. Thanks

I was having similar problems for a long time. But I did a fresh install of latest milestone of OH 3.2 with openHabian 1.6 main branch and ran a test instance (if that’s the right word) for 5 days with no problems.

I’ve since been running it with my main system configuration copied on to it… lots of activity and all log files of each type are being updated as they should. Have had no problems over last week or more.

Starting to see issues again. Things are slow to react. 40 second delay in event notification such as door opening. I looked at the log folder and I have multiple event logs again and it is on all my servers, not just the primary.
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