Hi, I’m trying to debug a rule that are triggered by the astro binding.
As I don’t want to wait 24 hours to test each change I would like to send the same events myself.
I have tried the console but without any success.
In the help is says:

openhab> help event:send

Send a simple event to a topic

event:send topic [properties]


            Event properties in format key=value key2=value2 ...

In my event log I have:

2018-01-21 15:58:00.003 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - astro:sun:home:nauticDusk#event triggered START

I have tried all variations on topic that I can think of but with no succes.
Can anyone tell me what topic and property I should use to send that event?

Typical. I have tried this for hours but 5 min after I post this I managed to find the propper way of doing it.

The correct way was to use the command:

things trigger astro:sun:home:nauticDusk#event START

and not the event:send that I thought.