Event Trigger

I have a question.
The Jablotron Alarm channel states, when trigged, the event “ALARM” or “TAMPER”.

What is the event when the firealarm goes off?

I have JA 151ST A and want to create a rule which is set off by an fire Alarm.


In general, it’s probably ALARM. TAMPER is usually sent when the device itself is messed with.

There is a third type of event class. Because the Smoke detector Siren can signal, with different tones, intrusion/tampering alarm or fire detection.

I don’t want trigger the smoke/heat detector and log the event, any other ideas?

So i tryed it and i think the binding needs an update.

When a fire alarm goes off the binding gives out “alarm” but the jablotron app is stating a fire alarm.

So i think there is a differentiation from jablotron between fire or intrusion alarm.

@Ondrej_Pecta can you help and check it out?