Everspring SF812 Smoke Detector Issue

I added some Smoke detectors to my installation. I am uaing a RPi 3 with a razberry Z-Wave device. The Everspring SF812 Smok3 detectors are constantly causing a problem in the Z-wave binding. I am running the latest stable 2.3.0 binding and they are fully initialized and actually working fine, but after a time they are marked as : “Not communicating with controller” in habmin. When I am healing them they are online again and after a time same issue again. My Z-wave network is very stable, because I am using a lot of power supplied devices with repeater functionality. It looks like the Smoke detectors are not wake up in the specific time the binding needs not to mark them as failed. Strange thing though.

Same device, same problem.
Unfortunately that device does not provide the wake up, but otherwise it works fine. :sunglasses:
I found similar problems with other home automation systems (search engine).

With the development version of the zwave binding it is not “dead” anymore.:rofl:

Allright so you can link the items to rules, so that they will trigger the main siren? I wouldnt care if the smoke detectors trigger the alarm despite beeing dead in case of smoke.

Nope, that is not supported with this device. Only very few smoke detectors are able to do that, for example the POPP 004001 through the switch_binary channel.

Sorry I meant the SF812 Smoke detectors will send a command to openhab, despite the fact that they are not controllable? Because I think they must be healed first to be able to send a command. And that would make them completely useless in my system.
Maybe @chris has an idea for that issue?

Sure, works fine. You have four channels available, smoke alarm, tamper alarm, low battery warning and battery level. I did never test tamper and low battery, though.

Why do you want to send a command to a smoke detector. It detects smoke, that’s it.
Again, you cannot send a command from openHAB to the SF812 to sound the siren (for example to use it as an alarm siren or to sound the alarm if another detector has detected smoke).

Edit: you should be able to alert OTHER smoke detectors if your SF812 detects smoke by adding those devices to the association group.

Sorry again: I dont want to send a command to the Smoke Detector, but the smoke detector should send a command in case of detectimg smoke. But I tested this functionality by pushing the test button on the smoke detector.
When it was not online in Openhab it didnt wake up and sent the smoke alarm to openhab. When I healed the device it was online and the channel changes status to ON as expected. But that means the smoke detectors are useless, because the fell into the offline mode in OH after some time.

This works fine, even if the SF812 is asleep.

Here is my working config:

Switch EVER_Smoke_2_Smoke <fire> (gRestore) { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node26:alarm_smoke" }

rule "Firealarm Everspring Garage" 
        Item EVER_Smoke_2_Smoke changed to ON
		//do stuff

Which zwave binding version are you using? The node dead handling has been significantly improved in the zwave development version of the binding.
But it should still work with older version of openHAB, this is one of my first devices I bought and it did work with openHAB1 and all versions of openHAB2 fine … at least for the smoke detection channel.

Weired thing. I am using the 2.3.0 stable binding with the behaviour explained before. The config in my OH2 is nearly the same.
I just checked the log and couldnt see a changing status when pushing the testbutton. Could you try that at your smoke detectors? Just push a test button when the smoke detector is signed as : not communicating with controller.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t have logging enabled, sorry. But I can assure you my rule trigger is working fine, I get an email and Pushover notification when I press the test button.

I can’t because I don’t see that message: with the development version handling of battery nodes changed. With 2.x zwave bindings I did see that message, but it was still triggering fine.
I would just wake that sensor up several times: remove the bottom portion and push the black button.