Evohome binding 2.0

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(jvanzuijlen) #93

Sorry to be dense

Not at all, the learning curve is quite steep. I found that as well and I write software for a living :slight_smile:

[…] how do I reference a particular thermostat in the TotalConnect account?

When you provide the account Thing your credentials, you should see all the configured displays and zones in your inboc in PaperUI. Does that work for you?

(Rick) #94

I’m experiencing a potential issue with the autodiscovery when using custom Thing names. It might be an issue with Openhab, or just the way Openhab works.

I’m using the following thing file:

    Bridge evohome:account:evohome_account [ username="x@y.com", password="****" ]
        display             Evotouch                "Honeywell EvoTouch"        @   "Begane grond"          [ id="2596419" ]
        heatingzone         Woonkamer               "Heating zone Woonkamer"    @   "Begane grond"          [ id="2596418" ]

Because i’m using other labels for the display and the heatingzone things, resp: Evotouch & Woonkamer, the autodiscovery finds two new devices:

Thuis-extra ONLINE
evohome Display


Woonkamer (Thuis) - extra ONLINE
evohome Heating Zone


Obviously if i change the thing file to the following, the devices aren’t discovered anymore and the things are working, but i’m not able to use a custom thing name in my item definition.

    Bridge evohome:account:evohome_account [ username="x@y.com", password="****" ]
        display             2596419              "Honeywell EvoTouch"        @   "Begane grond"          [ id="2596419" ]
        heatingzone         2596418              "Heating zone Woonkamer"    @   "Begane grond"          [ id="2596418" ]

Does anyone know if there’s a way around this apart from disabling autodiscovery for this binding?

(Pop Eating) #95

Probably im really a newbie, but i cant find in paper UI bindings a way to configure evohome bindings with user/password

(jvanzuijlen) #96

Here’s what you do:

  1. Drop the binding in the addons folder
  2. Go to paper UI
  3. Select Inbox, click on +
  4. Select evohome binding (optionally select Add Manually)
  5. Select “evohome Account”
  6. Fill in the fields
  7. Click the tickmark.
  8. Done!

(Pop Eating) #97

I finally got it up and working
i got a minimal setup for the moment, for every room i show temperature, desired temperature and so on, and everything its showing correctly as expected

i only got an error (probably is not a real error) with the canceloverride functionality:
if i click the “Cancel a set point override” switch in PaperUI (both using the automatically created item or the manually added items) it goes to ON then revert to OFF (i think it is the correct way) and log the following:

2018-06-03 12:44:39.744 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'evohome_heatingzone_popland_1993342_CancelSetPoint' received command ON

2018-06-03 12:44:39.753 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - evohome_heatingzone_popland_1993342_CancelSetPoint changed from OFF to ON

2018-06-03 12:44:40.000 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'evohome_heatingzone_popland_1993342_CancelSetPoint' received command OFF

2018-06-03 12:44:40.016 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'LivingZoneCancelSetPoint' received command OFF

2018-06-03 12:44:40.021 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - evohome_heatingzone_popland_1993342_CancelSetPoint changed from ON to OFF

instead if i use the switch i added to sitemap via item:

Switch LivingZoneCancelSetPoint   { channel="evohome:heatingzone:popland:1993342:CancelSetPoint" }

the switch stays ON and it logs:

2018-06-03 12:49:26.733 [INFO ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at 'items/LivingZoneSetPointCancel' for the unknown item 'LivingZoneSetPointCancel'.

i am probably missing something about naming/linking… any clue?

(Pop Eating) #98

Seems i fixed it, in my sitemap i changed:

Switch   label="Cancel override"      item=LivingZoneCancelSetPoint

wich referred to the item that i added to items file


Switch   label="Cancel override"      item=evohome_heatingzone_popland_1993342_CancelSetPoint

which refer to the autolinked items

it now works, but im still confused, since in paperUI i had both working!

(¯\_(ツ)_/¯) #99

LivingZoneCancelSetPoint and

(Pop Eating) #100

Ok, i make you waste time! i owe you a beer!

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Np :wink:

(Christopher Smith) #102

Hi, I manually downloaded the add-on and tried to create a Account with the Paper UI

It initially reports as “Initializing” and finally reports
Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR Authentication failed

I put in the email that i use to log in to the web site as the user and the password for my TCC account.

It works on the Web login page.

Any ideas or suggestions?

(Michael Cumming) #103

Currently, the binding is limited to devices registered in certain locations - currently devices registered in the US/Canada do not work. You could try unregistering you device and adding it to the UK site but this will break the mobile apps. And the UK mobile app is not available if you are in the US.

(Christopher Smith) #104

My thermostat is not a very advanced model, a basic WiFi model. It does work with the TCC web site and and USA App.
Is the TCC API also limited to specific Honeywell thermostat models?

(jvanzuijlen) #105

Yeah, it’s ‘limited’ to these countries:

Belgique - Français Česká Republika - Český Danmark - Dansk Deutschland - Deutsch España - Español France - Français Ireland - English Italia - Italiano Latvija - Latviešu Lietuva - Lietuvių Magyarország - Magyar Nederland - Nederlands Norge - Norsk Österreich - Deutsch Polska - Polski Portugal - Português România - Română Schweiz - Deutsch Slovensko - Slovenský Suisse - Français Svizzera - Italiano Türkiye - Türkçe United Kingdom - English България - Български Україна - Український

I didn’t know that app isn’t available in the US.

One alternative route you could try is to share your installation with a UK account, if that’s at all possible.

(Christopher Smith) #106

It boggles my mind that TCC would have different API’s in the Europe and North America
I bet there is an another server instance for North America.

(jvanzuijlen) #107

I don’t know really, I haven’t tested it out like that. Maybe I’ll try to add support for that in the future, but for now my focus is to get it merged into the main line, with stable performance and the features. That proves to be enough challenge since that PR gas been open for a year now… If you’d like to help me out, check if it does work with the python evohome client. Changing the urls to the US ones of course.

Edit: link to the python client (https://github.com/watchforstock/evohome-client)

(Michael Cumming) #108

I am guessing the APIs are the same - I did try and register my device in the UK but it would let me since it is registered on the US server. The only reason I haven’t unregistered from the US server is it would break the family iPhone apps - and you cannot download the UK version of the app in the US… Frustrating :frowning:

(jvanzuijlen) #109

I see that it is solved in Home Assistant actually: (https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/blob/master/homeassistant/components/climate/honeywell.py) with a region selector. I won’t take it in for this PR but I could make it the first thing on my list after.

In other words: there is hope, but please bear with my while I try to get something merged first :slight_smile:

(Michael Cumming) #110

I just saw that :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to solve this!

(Pop Eating) #111

Did someone else noticed that sensor / Heating zone goes offline if the battery is low?

i got this:

Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR TempZoneSensorLowBattery

in my things details on paperUI

the fact is that the sensor got two battery dots as some of the others sensor i have that are online
the fail sensor is online on the legacy system (app and wall appliance)
tried to reboot and rescan things too

just for more details, the TempZoneSensorLowBattery is on a sensor that is coupled with another one (both sensor with 2 battery dots) so i dont really know which of the twos can be the problem of the battery.

any suggestions besides changing batteries (which looks a bit of waste, since these sensors have not so low power and other sensors in same conditions communicate well)

thank you

(Opsym) #112

I have a Honeywell Round Modulation. This thermostat has a single zone. I can also use the Honeywell app to read the status and set a schedule.
I tried the evohome binding and reading the status seems to work fine. However, setting the permanent setpoint override and cancel override does not seem to work. They also do not appear as channels in the paper UI.

When I click on the Cancel button I see the following lines in the log, but no communication with the evohome server.

22:00:03.846 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘_SetPointCancel’ received command ON
22:00:03.849 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - _SetPointCancel changed from OFF to ON

I do not see errors in the log.
Have others tried the evohome binding with the Round Modulation? Should it work?

I know the evohome interface provides more values (e.g. outside temperature). Does the binding also provide these values?

I am running openhab 2.3, evohome binding 2.1.1? (just installed it).

I just saw that binding 2.1.1 does not support cancel.
I updated the binding to 2.2.0 and now the binding does not work at all anymore :frowning:
When I enter the username/password I get an error 500.