Recently I had to replace the batteries of one of my Evohome HR92 radiator valves. Since then openHAB reports a COMMUNICATION_ERROR for this device. The strange thing is that the HR92 is communicating perfectly with the Evohome application.
If I look at the debug log of the binding then I see that the communication is ok, but the device reports an error:“TempZoneSensorLowBattery”
This error is also reported by openHAB, but openHAB doesn’t read the real temperature, while the Evohome main panel displays the correct value. The battery warning disappeared on the Evohome panel since I replaced them.
Is this a bug in the binding?
Can I reset the battery warning received by the API?

          "zoneId": "5589155",
          "temperatureStatus": {
            "temperature": 17.0,
            "isAvailable": true
          "activeFaults": [
              "faultType": "TempZoneSensorLowBattery",
              "since": "2021-08-28T08:27:50"

OpenHAB 3.1.0 stable
Windows 10
Zulu Java

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