Ewelink / Sonoff Binding - New binding without flashing

you need to download the .jar file and put it into your addon folder. on linux apt

pi@raspberrypi:/usr/share/openhab/addons $ ls -la
razem 192
drwxr-xr-x 2 openhab openhab   4096 lis 20 20:39 .
drwxr-xr-x 4 openhab openhab   4096 lis  8 09:34 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 openhab openhab 150673 sie 11 14:44 org.openhab.binding.sonoff-3.4.0-SNAPSHOT_R1.jar

Thank you @Jacek_Kaczmarczyk . My problem is understanding how to download the JAR file. Could you please explain that to me as well?

Folowing :slight_smile: TH10 broke down so i bought the TH Elite, but its not compatible with this binding :frowning:

Can anyone expalin how to download the JAR file from github or point me to a tutorial? Thank you so much for your help

Is ifan4 supported ?

use google to find the answer “how to download a file from github”

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Thank you. I did search google and did download the zip files, cloned, etc. but could not get the jar. Now I managed to download it I am trying to get openHab to see it. Having it installed on a NAS within a Docker is not that easy :frowning:

Hello Any one working on this binding to support NS Panel?

do we have any progress on sonoff dual R3 rollershutter mode?

The binding is working, thanks for that.
But when the system reboots, I have to do all things again.
First remove the files in \openHAB-userdata\sonoff
Then I can recreate the bridge.
Then the discover works and give me my sonoff decvices.
And then I can add them to items.
But all the links have to be done again.
I’m missing something but what? It can be persistent after a reboot?

@delid4ve , first of all thanks for the terrific job. Just connected my first 2 sonoff and it worked.
The only thing missing (for sure my mistake):

  1. On a TH16, I can do everything but the currentTemperature (13.5 °C) is shown by Openhab as 0.00 °C. what can it be? In console I can see the correct value.
    EDITED: can it be the channel naming? “currentTemperature” read in console and “temperature” in cfg file?

  2. How could I use one of the TX3C switches (the button, actually…) to operate an actuator that’s not its own? i.e. a KNX actuator (obviously connected to the same openhab instance…)

Thanks again

Just wanted to notify that the binding is working great with DUAL R3 mini for switching on and off the lights.
The reason I was not seeing the binding was the way access to the shared folders was set-up in my QNAP NAS. Know that I have changed permission on the folder containing the JAR file I do not have any issue.

Hi @delid4ve, thanks for this binding that covers important capabilities.
Unfortunately I was not able to exploit the binding using only the text file Thing. Perhaps I am not able to understand the instructions at openhab-3.x-sonoff/README.md at main · delid4ve/openhab-3.x-sonoff · GitHub, in particular the example, however I inserted the following in my Thing file:

Bridge sonoff:account:ewe_account "EWE account"
[ email="xxxxxx", password="xxxxx",accessmode="mixed"] {
	Thing sonoff:32:ewe_account:energy_monitoring "PowR2" [ deviceid="1000xxxx",local=false,localPoll=10,consumption=false,consumptionPoll=10] 

and the Bridge is created and online, but the powr2 Thing has
a configuration error

This device has not been initilized, please run discovery

The only way to put online the PowR2 Thing seems to manually perform a Scan in the Paper UI. So my question is if there is a way to perform all is needed using only the Things and Items text files.

I’m trying to install on 2.5. I wget the org.openhab.binding.sonoff-2.5.13-SN to /usr/share/addons. ensure proper permission and rebooted. Can’t seem to ‘install’ it.

I tried to add a thing and unfortunately, I can see Sonoff. Any help plz?

Any plan to migrate to OH4?

Hi, does your binding work with the sonoff l3 pro light strip

How do I install this on openhab 3.4. Copied the jar into /usr/shared/openhab/addons. add to addons.cfg

It does not get installed