Example for +/- buttons for a SetPoint

Hello OHers !
I skipped the slider/knob option in HABpanel for setting a setpoint in touchscreen as it wasn’t very easy for small screens.
Can I implement a + and - pair of buttons with rules to do the same? Could you point me to the right direction with an example?

you can take my 4 button custom widget as a start point and remake it into +/- buttons
Or a termostat that has 8 buttons and direct setting for the temp
How small screen are we talking here?

Thank you xsherlock!
I was trying to stay away from custom widgets as it is for an open project and I would like to reuse ideally only native functionality and rules.

Custom widgets are the way to go if you want to have full control on the dispay and functionality.

Thank you xsherlock!
Will give it a go then :slight_smile:
Forgot to mention the screen I am talking about is a 3.5 inch resistive touchscreen.

And you do just one setpoint control on this one? or some more?

Just one setpoint but a few more switches, weather and some status texts. Its very cramped for a proper big slider to be functional