Examples of HABPanel Solutions

I love your audio screen. What resolution is your screen? Do you use it on a laptop or tablet?

This was a first test on a secondary pc screen, so will have to downsize it to tablet size.

Here is a view on a 8" tablet (4:3 screen, Samsung S2 @ 2.048 x 1.536)



Mine? I’ve been setting it up on a PC 1080p screen, it should translate well to the 10" tablet I’m planning on picking up, but I have to downsize stuff for a 7" tablet.

Looks really great.
Could you please let me know which IP camera do you use and how have you integrated it in the dashboard?

I use foscam cameras + zoneminder.
Here is my new setup


I read in another thread that the older versions of foscam are more handy than the newer ones

What model do you have?

I have multiple C1 cameras. Any foscam (ip camera) should work fine.

Looks great. I would be glad if you could share your fantastic layout. So that we can use it ourself.

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@Felix_Raetz I’m happy to share it, I’ve wanted to for awhile, I just don’t know the proper/best way to do so, as I’ve also themed Grafana and Frontail to match. Maybe I’ll tidy the code a bit and open a new thread and share the css overrides?


That would be brilliant. Just starting up and I would love to use what you have created.

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It would be really great if you would share your HABPanel theme. It looks awesome and I would like to have something like that on my wall panel.

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Being able to replicate some of the dakboard interface would be pretty cool. Especially the calendar and to-do options.

I’ve released the theme I showed above, in a new thread.

Hi friend, I’m newbie in openhab. Could you send me you habpanel code to see how can I edit and take some examples of this? Really looks good.


Dash view in my kitchen - still a work in progress but mostly informational widgets with some basic controls for lights and kitchen audio



which widget are you using for the Energy Usage?
(or it’s a Grafana panel?)

Yes, just a grafana panel :slight_smile:

What is this inside the two small widgests left of the vebcam view? Is this also a webcam view of a not-smart thermometer or powermeter?

Does anyone have advice to someone who is just about to setup habpanel on tablets? Any features I need to check the tablet has or what screen ratio works best, 16:10 or 4:3 ? Looking at teclast x80 power at the moment.

Correct - I have a webcam hooked up to a RPi pointed towards my pre-paid power meter, and solar geyser controller. Not able to integrate with these so just take shots of the values. Tried a few OCR options but proved to be quite unreliable.