Examples of HABPanel Solutions

Hey @BoxofAllsorts

That looks awesome! I wouldn’t mind trying out a similar look. Is this something you’d be prepared to share?

I have an android tablet with a front cam.

How can i make the screen go on, when someone is in front of the tablet?

Can i make this with the front cam?

I don´t want to always have the screen on, only if someone is directly in front of the tablet.

The app “Fully Kiosk Browser” has this functionality.

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Wish there was an IPad equivalent!

Did you try this? Is this working ok?

It works perfectly. I use it on all my wall mounted tablets with no major issues. It has a lot of other advanced features as well, but it is not free to use (you can use it with a watermark on the screen until you decide if you want to pay for it.

I want to know if the “screen on when motion on camera” works ok.

Will give it a try.

Will this completely deactivate the screen or only show a black picture?

When screen is completely deactivated, touich screen will not work, i think. So when camera motion detection is not working very well, i have to use the hardware power button to activate the tablet.

Would be perfect, if this would work with tap on screen on a blank/off screen too.

You can try:

This app is free and can unlock screeen by motion detection. Also it can send data like battery state via MQTT. You also can remotely use your tablet camera as a survialance camera and etc.


You can use the „add to home screen“ function in iOS Safari to get a full screen mode on iPad.

Try the fully browser from the play store. It provides this function and much more. I tried so many solutions, but this little piece of software is amazing. I use it on 8 tablets in different rooms.



Yes. Or use the “Remote Administration” feature of FKB and wake your tablet via motion sensors through the http binding.
But the motion detection is working great, unfortunately not in low light condition.

yes I know that was more the camera actrivation

Yesterday i tried FKB with camera motion detection.

I don´t know, if i configured it the right way. I only activated motion detection camera functionality, but it doesn´t activate the screen. After the screen timeout of the android display settting the screen was not powered on again. It was bright and i moved in front of the cam.

After that i tried the app wallpanel and there it worked on first try.

Is there something, i have to do in fully kiosk browser more than activate camera motion? There are much settings with timeout, screensaver and so on, there i didn´t change anything.

Will this motion detection only detect moves in short distance or will it also detect, when i´m 2-3m away from the camera and move in the room?

Yet another question…

Can i set up my habpanel (server-side) only with the tablet and with the habpanel configuration ui or can i do this on my computer with sitemap-file too?

that’s looking really nice! May I have you layout please? really like the layout!

Could you share your items and rules etc. for the “Verspätungs”-Popup?
Thanks in advance!

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String bahn_uni_zeit "Bahn zur Uni um [%s]" { http="<[http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?cb=processFahrtmoeglichkeiten&nrCons=1&S=800xxx&SBH=1&Z=800xxx&ZBH=1&journeyProducts=1023&wTime=00:25&widget=1&start=1&encoding=utf-8:60000:JS(bahn_zeit.js)]"}
String bahn_uni_versp "Bahn zur Uni: [%s]" { http="<[http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?cb=processFahrtmoeglichkeiten&nrCons=1&S=800xxx&SBH=1&Z= 800xxx&ZBH=1&journeyProducts=1023&wTime=00:25&widget=1&start=1&encoding=utf-8:60000:JS(bahn_versp.js)]"}
String bahn_alarm_uni  "Uni Bahnalarm [%s]"
String bahn_bochum_zeit "Bahn nach Bochum um [%s]" { http="<[http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?cb=processFahrtmoeglichkeiten&nrCons=1&S= 800xxx&SBH=1&Z= 800xxx&ZBH=1&journeyProducts=1023&wTime=00:25&widget=1&start=1&encoding=utf-8:60000:JS(bahn_zeit.js)]"}
String bahn_bochum_versp "Bahn nach Bochum: [%s]" { http="<[http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?cb=processFahrtmoeglichkeiten&nrCons=1&S= 800xxx&SBH=1&Z= 800xxx&ZBH=1&journeyProducts=1023&wTime=00:25&widget=1&start=1&encoding=utf-8:60000:JS(bahn_versp.js)]"}
String bahn_alarm_bochum  "Bochum Bahnalarm [%s]"
input = input.replace("BAHN_MNB.fm =","");
input = input.replace(";\nBAHN_MNB.processFahrtmoeglichkeiten();","");
input = input.replace("BAHN_MNB.fm =","");
input = input.replace(";\nBAHN_MNB.processFahrtmoeglichkeiten();","");

I made a rule that only delays over 2 minutes are shown.

 rule "Bahn-Alarm"
 		Item bahn_uni_versp received update or
 		Item bahn_bochum_versp received update
 		if(bahn_uni_versp.state == "pünktlich") bahn_alarm_uni.sendCommand("")
 		else if(bahn_uni_versp.state == "1" || bahn_uni_versp.state == "2") bahn_alarm_uni.sendCommand("") 
 		else if(bahn_uni_versp.state == "-") bahn_alarm_uni.sendCommand("Bahn um " + bahn_uni_zeit.state + " zur Uni: fällt möglicherweise aus")
 		else bahn_alarm_uni.sendCommand("Bahn um " + bahn_uni_zeit.state + " zur Uni: " + bahn_uni_versp.state + " Minuten Verspätung")
 		if(bahn_bochum_versp.state == "pünktlich") bahn_alarm_bochum.sendCommand("")
		else if(bahn_bochum_versp.state == "1" || bahn_bochum_versp.state == "2") bahn_alarm_bochum.sendCommand("")
 		else if(bahn_bochum_versp.state == "-") bahn_alarm_bochum.sendCommand("Bahn um " + bahn_bochum_zeit.state + " nach Bochum: fällt möglicherweise aus")
 		else bahn_alarm_bochum.sendCommand("Bahn um " + bahn_bochum_zeit.state + " nach Bochum: " + bahn_bochum_versp.state + " Minuten Verspätung")
custom widget
<div ng-if="itemValue('bahn_alarm_uni')||itemValue('bahn_alarm_bochum')">
      <div class="bahn-alarm">{{itemValue('bahn_alarm_uni')}}</div>
      <div class="bahn-alarm">{{itemValue('bahn_alarm_bochum')}}</div>

Which android tablet is better for habpanel use?

A device with 1920x1080 or a device with 1920x1200 pixels?

(Fullscreen Habpanel without scrolling)

The one for which the panel is designed for. HABPanes scales quite well for screens of different sizes, so the difference probably won’t be huge, but more real estate is always better.

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Maybe there is a given size of maybe 6 rows and this is displayed at 1080 with scrolling and at 1200 in full screen size without the need of scrolling, that was the intention of my question.

More real estate is relative…

1920x1080 is 10,6 inch and 1920x1200 is 10,1 inch… So i don´t know where i can see really more screen…

Reminder: you can use Chrome’s “Device Mode” to simulate different resolutions. This is also useful to design your tablet dashboards on your computer.

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