Examples of HABPanel Solutions

(Sebastian) #456

Many thanks for your hint Lorenzo. Since my group not only contains contacts with OPEN/CLOSED, I had to tweak the filter a bit. My window sensors from homematic are strings and the string item can contain OPEN/CLOSED/TILTED. So I ended up using your suggestion but, filtering on NOT CLOSED.

{{(itemsInGroup(config.item) | filter:{state:'!CLOSED'}).length}}

Again, thanks much for your idea that got me going.

(glufonec) #457

I found solution:
Add this to the override css. This will keep the proportions to 16:10 and fill the right side with blank canvas

.container {
  margin-left: 0;
  box-shadow: none

(Johan H) #458

Crispin, I’d be happy to see you ESP8266-code for the flow meter. There’s really a blank spot on the home automation market when it come to flow meters.

(Crispin) #459

I’ll post it on github over the weekend.

(Johan H) #460

Great, thanks!

(chris) #461

Details here :

(Daniel Hampson) #462


Firstly I have to say, that all the examples are masterpices and got me hooked to habpanel. Now I have got one question, i might have overseen it, but is it possible to hide a dashboard on the main panel, or how have any of you realized that what I want to do.
My idea is to have one custom widget with a multiple of buttons that would each let me jump to a spacific dashboard? I don’t want to have for example 10 widgets for 10 dashboards. Just one widget on the main page to reach all the dashboards.

Ich schreibe meine Frage auch noch mal in Deutsch falls das für einige einfach zu beantworten sein sollte.
Ich möchte gerne auf der Habpanel Hauptseite nur ein selbsterzeugtes widget haben welches mehrere Knöpfe beherbergt, und jenach dem welcher Knopf gedrückt wird soll dann zu diesem Dashboard gewechselt werden.

(chris) #463

Hey, I think you can add an Item e.g. String “DashboardName” and configure the habpanel configuration “Switch dashboard with Item value” reacting on this item. You can use a selection widget to change the Item value to a dashboards name.

(Daniel Hampson) #464

Thanks alot. I will have a look into that.

(Daniel Hampson) #465

With all the brilliant ideas in this Forum, kann anybody give me a good site for svg and png?

(Thomas Bail) #466

I use the iconset from the german knx Forum. Icons are available in svg and png

(Daniel Kopeinig) #467

I really like your theme and widgets.
They are very clean and nice structured!
Also the popups to modify the parameters are well thought.

Would you like to share us your widgets + binding configuration and .css ? :slight_smile:
Especially I am interested in the monthly calender widget. You use it to set your holiday calender automation or what?


(Uli) #468

Hi Caprisna,

thank you very much!

Yes i use may calender dropdown to set my holiday.

i have pushed the basic config to github:

greetings dawys

(Hallo Ween) #469

Anybody knows homehabit (android app, still in beta) and can say something to the differences to habpanel?

I tested habpanel and homehabit for some time, but i have to say, habpanel is way to slow for me. On my old cheap android tablet i say ok, the device is too old, but on my new i5-Desktop-Computer running win10 with 16GB RAM it is not recognizable faster.

Can anybody tell me, if habpanel can be very fast and snyppy or is this a generally problem of this ui?

On homehabit i press a button, the button immediately changes the collor - or i can jump from one dashboard to another very fast. In habpanel there always is a time to wait, until the command is done.

My openhab runs inside a virtual machin on a xeon server - so i would say my server is not the bottleneck.

Any advice or idea?

(davorf) #470

I will just reply on the first part of the question - differences. Home habit is not open source nor free application - if I recall correctly, creator of the home habit said he will even charge per device, and not per account, as most applications do. And the price for single device will be rather high for android application. Secondly, in home habit, you can only use widgets that creator made (and, subjectively, made with lots of bugs), while in HABPanel you can do pretty much anything, with custom widgets made by you or others. Regarding speed, on my tablet it’s reasonably fast and, indeed, usable.

Best regards,

(Hallo Ween) #471

Yes, i know the bad sides of homehabit…

Basic UI on my desktop-pc or my android phone (android app) is working fast too, but it is not as beautyful like you can do it with habpanel. I don´t want it to have on my wall.

You can work with habpanel, that is not the problem. When i want to power on the light, it will power on… But it is not very fast and so in my eyes i don´t want to use it in my living room and show it to my guests.

So there is no way to make habpanel faster, very bad. But what is the problem of habpanel? Why is it slow? Even on fast devices?
Because it can work very fast - see android app, basic ui, homehabit, … So is there something programmed bad - maybe it can be faster in the future, when the developer finds the bug?

(Martin Delage) #472

Hi, I would like to know how to create transparent widget for slider or any other widget type ?

Thanks !

(Daniel Hampson) #473

Hi davor,
I have got another question, again. The labels on your screen and the gaps between the Top Icons, how die you get them so small? I have always got the gapsize of a Widget.

(davorf) #474

I’ll reply here, because I’m not at home at the moment, and I don’t recall the exact place where it can be at, so, someone else can help too. In habpanel there’s an option to set number of columns of the grid (or something like that). If you set that to a higher value, you’ll be able to move and position widgets more precisely. Also, labels have font size, if I understood your question correctly.

Best regards,

(Ole Kristian Lona) #475

Thanks again for the tips when I was setting up my kitchen display back in October. I now have a working solution, or maybe I should call it a “prototype”.

For those who are interested, I asked for a solution to turn the screen on and off through command line, as I wanted to use a PIR sensor to turn on the screen when someone comes near the screen.

I ended up connecting the PIR sensor directly onto one of the GPIO pins on the Raspberry. Currently, I use a script that polls the PIR sensor every minute for “presence”, and turn the screen on if it has been turned off. The script turns the monitor off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

I am looking to improve my script when I find time, to:

  • Make it interrupt-driven instead of polling continually
  • Subscribe to a Mosquitto event, so I can integrate the screen on / off command into Openhab. This way, when I turn off all lights in the kitchen after sunset, I can turn the screen off at the same time.

Here is a picture of my screen, after it was built into the kitchen. I do have some fine-tuning of the surround trim to do, but so far, I am pleased with the integration! Thanks for the inspiration in this thread!!