Just a comment (off topic?) that I’m starting to get REALLY excited about this. Looks like once I figure out a few difficulties, things are going to be able to do precisely what I hoped.

(Still have to get my Sonoff USB 3 dongle -E to have openHAB talk to the Ember chip reliably.)

Sonoff Temp/Humidity sensors in each room.
* I THINK I have a sheltered area where I can use one for outside temp!
IF POSSIBLE, Honeywell/Residio (may have to switch to a PRO thermostat)
Light control - mostly table lamps (for now). Not ceiling fixtures.
* Mix of Phillips Hue (zigbee?), Phillips WiFi, and Wemo (to be replaced by Sonoff) switched plugs
Two or Three outside motion sensor cameras
Door / Window / Motion sensors inside with maybe a couple cameras
The ability to view the system remotely with my iphone (already proved this!)
Ideally? Some kind of doorbell/camera/voice. We shall see.
Remove all devices from Alexa/Echo and simply have echo pull all info from openHAB which is a LOT more programmable/adaptable than Echo.

I’ve been using Echo/Alexa - Adding devices is no problem. But no ability to do a custom UI or have an iPad on the wall as a custom interface, or easily write scripts. WAY too many stacked “skills” for me.

Auto open / close blinds, zone control HVAC by controlling register vents.

This is the most fun I’ve had in AGES.