Excluding items from location average

I am currently migrating to OH3 and after some initial confusion my love for its concepts is growing with every item I add. I especially love the automatic representation of the semantic model, where I found a problem I could not solve.

On the locations tab, we get a temperature reading (and humidity and …?) on each room widget if the room contains an item that is tagged with the semantic property “temperature”. The problem is that I have tagged every temperature item accordingly and that not all are “logically compatible”. For example, one item is the temperature of my 3d printer, so the room shows 130°C (average of hotend and bed temperature). Another room shows 30°C which is the average of the actual temperature sensor and the CPU temperature of the Raspberry Pi in that room.

Is there a tag or metadata to exclude non-room temperatures or is my concept of semantically tagging every temperature measurement wrong?

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If logged in as an admin user you can click the little edit icon in the upper right (looks like a pencil). From there you can select the order that the cards are presented, which cards are shown etc.

You can click the black icon to configure the widget and turn on/off whole categories of properties from being shown.

But I can’t see how one can exclude a single temperature sensor from the badge on the card while still showing it in the list under the room card/ equipment card/ properties card. I think your choices will be to either not tag it with temperature or hide that Item from the UI entirely (which you can do from the Properties tab settings I think.

Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I did not notice yet that I can disable these details on the cards. But since I like them, I probably have to remove the semantic tags from any non-room-temperature reading, although this does not feel quite “correct”.

I was about to ask exactly the same question.
Maybe this is a good point for future improvement :wink:


I agree!
And thanks for this thread.
I did not even know, that avaraging is done on temperatures!

Your model might be slightly too correct :wink:

Certainly, you have all your temperature readings tagged as Point_Temperature.

If you have some of them which should not contribute to the locations property temperature, remove the semantic tagging completely or tag them differently e.g. as Point_Measurement. The latter keeps the item shown as point in the location but avoids been considered for the average calculation… :wink:

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