Exec 2.0 Binding works only after manual execution

I have a weird behaviour that the Exec binding only works after I execute the task manually through SSH/Command Line.

Is this normal or intended or am I wrong with this observation?

It’s working perfectly in my installation.

Have you installed your OH2 with user openhab (is your installation running with user openhab)? try to execute your script manually with user openhab. (I usually login to the raspberry with user PI, so it worked fine, until I switched to OPENHAB)

At least on my side I found “miracles”, which IO needed to correct, to make it work with Exec 2.0. (User Rights a.s.o.)

Yes, it is installed as openhab user.

How did you configure the user rights etc? I also usually login with user “pi” via SSH.

I need to learn more - maybe we can help to improve the exec-binding documentation how to solve these issues that I see a lot on the forum…

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you need to put “openhab” into the same group as “pi” and then adjust the rights of the scripts you want to execute. So it is user rights and group rights the same. Or install them again with user “openhab”.
But first try if you get errors executing them as “openhab”. When logged in as “pi” do “SUDO SU - openhab”, and execute the script you habe mentioned in your rules/items.
If there are errors you can fix them, maybe it is something different and not user related.

give it a try. for me it located my probs with the scripts I created under “pi” and so I could fix them.

And it is not a fault of Exec 2.0. :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan,

I will try to check.

It is not a fault of Exec 2.0 I agree. Anyway it could help others if these issues were mentioned in the documentation.

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