Exec Binding in OpenHAB2


So, I have a bunch of items from my OH 1.8 setup that use the Exec binding, and I’m trying to bring them into OpenHAB 2. I’ve installed the 1.8 binding, and it seems to be running via the compatibility layer (at least, I can see the swtiches via the rest interface).

But I’m confused, I’ve defined them in the .items and .sitemap files, but I don’t see them in the Paper UI. Is that normal, i.e. only items provided by new bindings will be shown there?


If I’m not mistaken the paperUI saves and loads its items from a DB and not from the textfiles. You should either use the ClassicUI or define the things directly in the paperui (manually add thing). A while ago I have read somewhere that the paperui is only for developement use …hence I still work with the classicui in OH2 (But this may have changed).

Or does this “item-not-showing-up” thing only concerns the exec items and all other items are shown in the paperui?



That’s kind of what I figured – paperUI saving stuff in a DB. However,
even if I add them to items and sitemap – and – try to add manually, I
can’t because paperUI seemingly only lets you manually add items that have
a proper OH 2 binding (not a comp layer one).

Am I right about that?


No, that’s not correct. In OH2 you can either define items through the UI (in which case they are stored in the mapdb database), or through the DSL text files.

If the UI isn’t showing them then I’d suggest it might be because it’s not in an appropriate group. I don’t use the paperUI so I’m not too sure but I think it needs to be in a ‘home’ group (or something similar).


hmm. I’m still struggling a bit with this. Does anyone know what group I have to define items in in order for them to show up in Paper UI? Or where there are docs on this and other such issues with the paper UI?

I just did a quick look using HABmin, and it seems that PaperUI sets a home-group tag to a group if it’s one of the groups listed in the control dashboard. Then, it looks like any ‘things’ that are in this group will be displayed on PaperUI…

So, the gFF (First Floor) group has the home-group tag. Any things in this group will be displayed in the First Floor tab (a ‘thing’ has the thing tag), then any items in the same group as this thing will be listed within the control box for that thing.

I’m not sure if that makes sense - I think it’s correct, but not 100% sure…