Exec Binding - ssh commands

So i have had success in using the exec binding to send remote SSH commands to another computer.

However, i have a command which does not seem to process in rules.

ExecUtil.executeCommandLine(“ssh volfan6415@ nohup ‘sudo snapraid sync’”);

I can run sudo -u ssh volfan6415@ nohup ‘sudo snapraid sync’ and the command executes fine and i get the expected output on the terminal

What i want to happen is for the command to execute and then i’m ok with the terminal session closing as the nohup command keeps the process running on the other end.

However, the process never seems to start.

Any ideas?

I don’t know enough to say for certain, but that may be your issue. There isn’t a “terminal session”, executeCommandLine() does not run in a shell.

This advice is still sound -