Exec Regex and Leveljet

Hello Folks.

Im just migrating from OH1 to OH2 and struggling completely with my OilCistern. There is an ultrasonic sensor from Leveljet connected with rs232.

I have a little script Leveljet.sh, witch works fine on the cli from root and from openhabian. It shows the Liters rest in the cistern. So my old configuration is

Number Oeltank_V "Ölvorrat [%.1f L]" <cistern> (GR_15M) { exec="<[/etc/openhab/configurations/scripts/Leveljet.sh 1:60000:REGEX((.*?))]" }

I have nu clu howto migrate that in Openhab2.

Could someone help me?


You can use: Exec v2 Binding
Check out also: How to solve Exec binding problems
More general info: Migration from openHAB 1.x to openHAB 2