Exec2 Binding: Use in combination with a rollershutter item

Hi. I wanna use the exec binding (version 2) to update the status of a rollershutter in OH2.

Thing exec:command:jalousie [command="/home/pi/jalousie-status.sh", interval=1, transformation="REGEX((.*?))"]
Rollershutter Jalousie "Jalousie" { channel="exec:command:jalousie:output" }

The problem is, that the value of the item Jalousie is only updated when this item is of type String. But when using the String-type, I have no “UP”, “STOP”, or “DOWN” buttons in the UI. When using the item-type Rollershutter, I have these buttons - but the value of the item (and therefore its icon) is not updated. Any suggestions?

According to the docs I don’t think you can link a Rollershutter Item to the output channel. You will probably have to create a proxy Rollershutter Item not linked to anything and a Rule that translates the String to the proper Rollershutter command.

Oh, that’s s step backwards compared to the old exec binding for OH1.

Exec 2.0 is undergoing significant development. But there are changes to the architecture of OH that makes a lot of the sorts of things one used to do with Exec difficult to impossible to do the same way.

For now if this is something you need stick with the 1.9 version and stay tuned to updates for the 2.0 version.

Will my problem be solved, when the commit https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/1693/commits/48743cc63f5301901a53ff84e4b67d4c26d38e06 will be merged to OH2?

Looks like it might.