executeCommandLine - CURL


i am trying to write a rule to take a picture from my doorphone by motion.
Unfortunately it don’t work with this commands:

rule "take pic on motion"
    Item OA_Gateway_MotionTest received update 
    val url = ""
    val outputFile = "/home/user/Downloads/" + now.toString.replaceAll("[:\\/ ]+", "_") + ".jpg"
    var cmd = "curl -m 10 -o " + outputFile + " " + url
    logInfo("MotionRule", cmd)

The Log writes the right command (checked on commandLine itself)
Is there any hint with executeCommandLine with curl?

best regards

val results = executeCommandLine(cmd)
logInfo("MotionRule", cmd + results)

It’s often a permissions issue

Check the permission of the directory /home/user/Downloads/. E.g. with the command

ls -ld /home/user/Downloads

Is it writeable for the user that is owning the process openhab software is running under ( user openhab ) ?


thx for the fast reply …
It works now with the hint from @rossko57

The permissions issue was my first idea, tbh, i don’t know , why rosskos57’s hint works …

but thanks to you

It’s not a fix, just reports error messages that you might not have seen.

You’v done something else to “fix” it.

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