Execution of if-expressions in a rule

Dear all,

i’ve been struggling with my if-expression in a rule for already a couple of days without any hint, why it has not been working. See the code below. I would be grateful for any help.

  • Platform information:

    • openHAB version: 2
  • Issue of the topic: My if-expression in the rule is not executed even the condition is true

Rules code related to the issue

Switch1 changed or
Switch2 changed

if(switch1 == ON || switch2 == ON) {
createTimer(now.plusSeconds(10)), [| Temp = 5]

There are no errors in the log. But the if-expression is not executed.


So many errors:

  • No rule title
  • Item Swith1 changed
  • switch1 instead of Switch1
  • If you change the state of an item use .state
  • check your brackets for the sreateTimer action
  • What is Temp?
  • No end of rule

There must be. Did you check both logs?
And did you read: https://www.openhab.org/docs/tutorial/rules.html and https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/rules-dsl.html

rule "My Rule"
    Item Switch1 changed or
    Item Switch2 changed
    if (Switch1.state == ON || Switch2.state == ON) {
        createTimer(now.plusSeconds((10), [ Temp = 5 ])
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I am sorry.

I hadn’t the original code, when I described the problem. Actually my program code is almost exactly like in your example.

Switch1 and 2 and Temp are existing items from the .items file.

Is it a must to use state in the if-expression? I thought if switch is a binary variable it is not required using the state parameter.

Switch I assume is an Item.
Events can only trigger on item and channel events
Not on variables

Yes, it is an Item. But it is a binary Item (correct me if I’am wrong). As I wrote bevor, the trigger itself has been working properly. It is just the if-expression that hasn’t worked. The program has not entered it. Without if with just the timer and command everything is fine.

Is using of Item.state == ON for exemple a must? Or can I use for a switch Item Item == ON as well?


If Temp is also an item, trying to set it to new state doesn’t work the way you tried.
Use it like:

Temp.postUpdate (5)

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Temp is an item as well. It is a set point for the temperature control. It has ben working as it should.

Thank you very much for the prompt help.

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