Exim4 mail is not using spf all mail is marked as spam

I installed Exim mta with openhabian-config but now it seems that all mail is marked as Spam.
In the header i see google=softfail.
the exim version = 4.92, a version where spf should be in.
Anyone else who have this ?

What exactly are you doing resp. is happening ?
Do you send your mails using exim4 and at the receivers side the mail is marked as spam ?
To use spf at the senders side you need to have your own domain and spf DNS entry.
See SPF Record: Protect your domain reputation and email delivery | Postmark.
How do you send your mail ? Do you have your own domain or do you send your mail via a relay/smarthorst ?

Hi Wolfgang,
when i started to setup Amanda Backup with Openhabian-config there was the message that Exim was not installed and that it was needed to send send reports about the backups.
So Exim was going to be installed, but i didnt see the reports until i saw that they where in the spam folder.
I am sending the reports via relay/smarthost, i am sending them to gmail.

Dou you mind to provide a complete example header of such mail ?

Hi Wolfgang,
i am thinking to first going to upgrade to Openhab3 and then look again into this mailproblem.
Thanks sofar !

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