Existing email account in openhab cloud blocking new entry

I made a mistake with my email address when I setup an account in Openhab cloud. Now I am not able to reach that account nor enter a new correct entry. Who is responsible for purging these accounts and how do I reach hat person? TKX

Not sure who that person is but you can create another account and recreate a new UUID on your OH server.

FYI If uninstalling the cloud binding, then reinstall, doesn’t regenerate a new UUID the location on a linux apt-get install is:


You may need to clean the cache if you have any issues.

When I try to do this using my correct email address, it throws an error and says that account already exists. Not sure how that happened unless there is a grepping (express) problem in the mechanism that prevents duplicate email addresses. I tried to execute a password recovery for that account using the correct email to receive the reset link. Works fine and the change is excepted. However, I cannot log in using that account and cannot create a new account using that email address.

Ok, you were able to reset the password, good. I’m not sure how long you’ve waited but sometimes it takes 24 hours for everything to start working. At least this is what I have read on several other post.