Existing Xiaomi Gateway and new HUSBZB-1, keep both?

I have a Xiaomi gateway and 11 sensors that have been in use for several years in my old house
For my new house, I recently purchased a new Nortek HUSBZB-1 stick
20 Leviton Zigbee dimmers
3 Leviton Zigbee switches
3 Yale Assure SL Zigbee deadbolt locks
Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat
4 Leviton Z-Wave fan controllers

Since my new devices are both Zigbee and Z-Wave, the HUSBZB-1 will be in use

Are there any foreseeable issues using both the Xiaomi gateway and the HUSABZB-1 at the same time?

I flashed the HUSBZB-1 with current Zigbee firmware. How reliably do the Xiaomi sensors operate if paired with the HUSBZB-1?