Existing zwave switch cannot be found in sitemap


As I’m migrating from openhab 1 to 2.0.0, I have a sitemap with a switch item like this:

Switch item=sSalon

When I click on the button in the sitemap in the classicui, all I get is a:

2017-05-04 21:55:55.968 [WARN ] [.classic.internal.servlet.CmdServlet] - Received command 'TOGGLE' for item 'sSalon', but the item does not exist in the registry

… and the switch doesn’t turn on.
What I don’t understand is that this item does exist. By that I mean that in the basicui, I do see a “z-wave node 6: SW-ZCS-1 Cord Switch”, and when I click on it I do see a “sSalon” that I can successfully turn on and off from there.

So not too sure what is going on… any idea?

Thank you,

How did you create your items? via the PaperUI in auto or manual mode or via config files?
If config files: post your *.items file contents to check it plz
Most likely, the Item name is not “sSalon” (that’s the label).
If it was auto created from PaperUI (when you linked the thing channel) it has some other Item name.
You can disable Simple Mode in PaperUI->Configuration->System->Item Linking and then check the Configuration->Items menu on the left side of PaperUI to find the correct item name.

I copied my .items file from openhab 1, however I had issues with that (looks like a ‘#’ which I had wrongly used to comment a line caused the .items file not to load correctly – but without any error in openhab.log). I thus created that item in PaperUI instead. Indeed it may be that I used the label instead of the actual name?

In any case, I’ve now solved my .items problem, and now the name of the item is definitely sSalon, and the sitemap loads happily.

Thx for your help.

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