Exit button in HABPanel?

How can I put a button in HABpanel that will exit the browser or close the browser window or something of the sort. I need this for my mobile views. Thx

Closing a web-browser via HTML is deprecated due to security issues on all modern browsers. Can you explain what your goal/idea is? There might be a different solution. I use a landing page for my habpanel views. and a “home” button that returns me to the landing page on each sub-page. With very basic “standby” information. I also use the Android habpanel viewer. and have a timed control item that will revert the page automatically if nothing is used or touched.

I have a panel view that is just very large alarm system control buttons for immediate ease of access. In Android, if you have it put a web page shortcut on the home screen, that page will open in full screen mode with no menus or anything visible, like a a kiosk. Which is great. But then to close it you have to swipe up and then hit back twice. I’d like to just have a big red exit button to be done with it after I push whatever button I want to push.

I don’t think you can do that in HTML. That behavior was explicitly removed from browser engines. A helper app or something would have to be written to bypass this. I’m not sure how easy they would be to implement. I wonder if you could so some tickery with a mime type and hand off back to the launcher or something.