Expandable property on oh-label-cell

I am migrating from OH2 to OH3 and the YAML configuration is new to me.
When looking into the default YAML code I see that expandable is per default on:

          - component: oh-label-cell
              action: group
              actionGroupPopupItem: gLicht
              title: Lichter
              expandable: true
              icon: =(items.gLicht.state == 'ON')?'oh:light-on':'oh:light-off'
              label: =(items.gLichterAn.state)
              footer: Lichter an

Is it possible to show the Items belonging to gLicht in the expendable window?
As an action I would prefer to navigate to a page:

              action: navigate
              actionPage: page:page_beleuchtung

So the quick stuff can be changed in the expandable popup and the detailed one in the actionPage.