Expandable widgets in fixed canvas layout

Sorry, I was not aware of this issue and did not notice this discussion thread. If you wanted a faster answer the best would have been to create an issue on GitHub.

I must admit I don’t use the fullscreen mode and therefore did not perform a lot of testing. I find the default fullscreen enough for my needs. I’ll do a few tests nonetheless and try to find a solution for this bug.

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I have the same problem. A solution would be really great! :slight_smile:

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@Tallman , @nikos7179 , @Armin_Kl
Problem is solved in 3.4M6
Thanks to @tarag

The double arrows for the full screen mode are gone, that’s certainly not supposed to be the solution to the problem ?

see here
from what I can read it should fix this problem

it works :slight_smile: :+1: