Experience with OH3 and Somfy RTS

I am planning to integrate a couple of (legacy) awnings/blinds and have been reading for a week to find a good solution in terms of easy installation and hazzle-free operation. However, a perfect solution is not visible so I‘d like to ask what solution did you go for and what is your experience.

My research so far:

  • URTSI: expensive bridge, OH3 binding available, cannot find information about hardware installation and experience/stability
  • rfxcom: few information available but hardware not available since months, OH3 binding available
  • rflink: cannot find a binding, probably serial binding. HW available
  • nanocul: no OH3 binding, a few beta bindings available, high effort (editing and flashing device)
    I am very interested in your solution and how they are working.
    Thanks in advance

I’m using the rfxcom solution for about three years and it works without any problems since then.




About the hardware, if its only for Legacy RTS blinds URTSI (or URTSII model) should be OK, but if you are planning future Somfy products, i would suggest checking out the Tahoma controller. While its not clear in the devices documentation, at the moment its the only device that supports both RTS and the newer iO standarts. Its more expensive though…

RTS products are already (mostly) discontinued where i live.

I’ve ordered Tahoma recently and still have no experience on the OpenHAB implementation, but i am planning to use it for RTS at the moment.

Best Regards

thanks for your answer and welcome to this forum.
Are you sure you want to go for Tahoma box which needs an active internet connection all the time?
Better go for Velux KLF 200

I’m new to Openhab and wanted to know if there is already a solution to bind Somfy rts blinds with a nanocul to openhab 3 (windows version).
thanks in advance