Experimenting With OpenHAB Doesn't Work, So I Ask

I have a specific use for OpenHAB. I thought I would install it on my Windows 8.1 computer and do some experimenting. I can’t even get to first base. Instructions don’t match the browser screens, trying to guess the next steps is a definite failure. I think the latest updates (2.4.0) and instructions are out of step.

Besides I get a frighting error, “Warning An illegal reflective access operation has occurred…”

I am afraid I will do a lot of effort to get through installation only to find I won’t be able to do what I want. So I ask:
(1) Will I be able to access my sensors (345 MHz)?
(2) Will I be able to access my Stanley Black and Decker door lock (Z-wave)
(3) Will I be able to access my Remotec Z-wave dimming switches?

If I can get some indication that the above is possible I will plunge head first into overcoming these startup problems.
Thanks In Advance,

That’s because openHAB is frightened of more recent Java versions. :smile: What version of Java are you running? You need Java 8 for openHAB.

I can’t speak to #1, but you can check if the zwave binding supports those devices by looking at the zwave device database. There are quite a few Remotec devices, so hopefully yours is on the list. There are a couple Black & Decker (Kwikset) locks in the DB, too.

Even if your zwave devices aren’t on the list, the turnaround time to get them added usually is a couple days.

I also would highly recommend you read through the documentation for the zwave binding, especially the section on secure inclusion.

Java version "Version 8 Update 201 (build 1.8.0_201-b09) " according to the control panel.

I see the various z-wave devices. I plowed around a few days ago and couldn’t find the links you just gave me. I will explore them more.

Is creating a binding something I can do myself?


Sure. There are plenty of examples of bindings in the distribution, as well as new bindings awaiting inclusion in the distro.