Expire binding and z-wave update interval


I was thinking about setting groups (12hourStateCheck, 6HourStateCheck and so on) for my z-wave items to check for “lastUpdate” when I remembered the expire binding…
So my question is this, will the expire binding trigger (expire) on a switch that has not been switched for X amount of time? or does it take the 30 minute (default) z-wave binding poll as an “update” and resets the timer?

The Expire binding gets triggered on any command or update that is different from the expired state.

So if the zwave binding updates it every 30 minutes then the Expire binding will be reset every 30 minutes.

A couple of comments:

  • Why not just use the expiration as an event to trigger the alert that an Item has gone offline?
  • Are you aware that there is now an online/offline trigger you can use to trigger a Rule when OH detects a device has gone offline? Search the forum.

Yes, exactly, that was my plan with the expire binding… but I was unsure if the 30 minute update/poll from the z-wave binding made an “update” on the event bus for the items the “thing” was linked to. Since that would impact the expire time I need to configure, but I’ve confirmed this now with a test rule, they do get updated :slight_smile:

This I was not aware of! The only thing I knew was that I could check for a “thing” going offline but that would mean I had to create a rule for every single “thing” which didn’t seem like a good solution…
Will have to check up on that! :slight_smile: