Expire Binding works just once

Today I just discovered the Expire Binding, which is a very nice feature actually My problem is, that my rule can only fire once, so that my lamp is switched on. If I am saving my items file again, it works again once.
Maybe someone could give me a hint.


rule "Kueche Bewegung Ein"
    Item Kueche_Bewegung changed from OFF to ON
rule "Kueche Bewegung Aus"
    Item KuecheTimer received command OFF


Switch KuecheTimer {expire="10s,command=OFF" }

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

In the first rule you send 20 to Kueche_Tisch_Helligkeit
When the timer goes off you turn off Kueche_Tisch_Licht
That’s not the same item
What do you want to achieve?

Its the same component. Its a dimmer item. I now changed that second to the same channel item and send 0 to it. The problem is still the same.

Try that:

Switch KuecheTimer { expire="10s,command=OFF" }

I added a space at the beninning of the binding definition, sometimes, the binding parser can be very picky.

No the behavior didnt change, but I found out, that I have to wait a period of time till it can be fired again. I am on the 2.3 snapshot. The Expired Binding feels like it is a bit unreliable. Are there some users of the Expired binding who can share their experiences with the binding?