Export Binding to Raspi

I want to use my own binding on my raspi to test it not only in the Eclipse IDE with openhab.
I followed the steps, which were described in that post: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/openhab/m0K1GYDkCw0
The problem is that openhab does not show my binding. I can read from the console, that the problem is: "unresolved requirement: Import-Package: com.google.gson; version=“2.5.0"”, even though the gson.jar is in the lib directory of the jar and the dependency is declared in the pom and the Metafest file of the eclipse project. I can perfectly run it in the Eclipse IDE with openhab.

Thank you for all pieces of advice.
Greetings Martin

Hi Martin, I have the same problem. Did you found a solution?

Hi Markus,

My problem was, that my first binding, I put on the Raspi somehow had some errors with the libs. I knew that and removed the old one and put the new one on the raspi. My problem was that openhab cached the old binding, even though I deleted it. So openhab started every time the old binding with the errors from the cache instead of the new binding I put in the addons folder. I haven’t noticed that for a long time. As I noticed I solved the problem by resetting the cache and the openhab build. After that it worked. Every time you change your binding and put the new one on your raspi you have to reset the cache again. I did this as described by Thomas Binder, the fourth post in that forum. Clear the Cache.
I hope I could help you.


Hi Martin, thanks for responding. My project blem was related to the manifest file. But good to know about the caching issue. I already send out a beta to another community member and had the feeling that he doesn’t run the latest version. so good to know.

You may could help me with another topic
I need the readf a parm from the services config (rachio.cfg), but couldn’t find a function to do that. I’m able to read sthg. from the things definition, but not from a cfg. Reading this as a plain file sounds strange.

@Kai I miss a forum dedicated to oh developers. I had to spend a lot of time to understand the basics and discover the relation btw classes, when they get started, behavior of discovery process etc. A good tutorial (beyond the little ESH docs) would definitely shorten the time new developers get up-to-speed really working on the functionality.

We have various threads here in the community, but information gets splitted and maybe your peoblem is already solved 5 tomes, but you didn’t found tge right thread. Finding dev related stuff in all tge tgreads dealing with user topics is very hard, because the additional keyword “dev” doesn’t work well

I’d say that 95% development is done against ESH APIs - that’s why it imho does not make sense to duplicate all of this information for openHAB, but to rather share this information with any ESH developer. Therefore, the forum to use for development related stuff is this one. I am aware that that isn’t as attractive as ours here, but it is as it is right now.

If you think that information or tutorials are missing in the ESH docs, please help improving them and contribute to them. Introducing different places for similar documentation would definitely be counter productive.