Expose Number to Alexa?

I would Like to know if it’s possible to expose a number to Alexa and use the command
“Alexa set itemName to 20”
“Alexa what is the value of itemName”

The openhab skill mention the following :
“In your openHAB configuration, add voice tags to the items you wish to expose to Alexa. Any number, dimmer, switch or thermostat mode (string or number) is supported.”

If it’s possible can you post a config file ?

Thank you for your help

Depending on your location there maybe limitations:

Looking closely at the list i can see this option could be the best for my case:

  • RangeComponent
Number RangeComponent "Range Component" {alexa="RangeComponent"}

Number RangeComponent "Range Component" {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue"}

What will be the intereaction with alexa with this tags ?

I can see my region is set to UK (I ll try to changed it to US if I find the way to do it. I am in australia so I must have change it at some point :))

My reel case it to set a value (xx minutes) for my timer rule

Thanks for the information

Let me know how to do that, please.

I used this link

make sure you are logged in in the amazon website of your country. (I needed to go to amazon.co.uk in order to be able to change it to the US).

I can now see the item recognized and can interact to it but I have to find the way to set the maximum value by default I cant set my value over 10

Looks promissing. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and let you know. Thanks

You should check the rangeController.rangeValue metadata supported parameters documentation. You can use the supportedRange=<minValue:maxValue:precision> parameter to customize your range.