Extend Event Bus

Would it be possible to extend the eventbus to another RPI to enable loadsharing?


So far as I know this is still valid

Not sure that MQTT-2 has all the necessary features yet

To be honest maybe just invest a couple of bucks instead of endlessly tinkering around with Raspberry Pis?
Just get an Intel Nuc with a Celeron J4005 or similar. Will almost use the same amount of power as the Pi but will run tenfolds faster. Also with a small SSD they are not as error prone as the SD-Cards in the Pi. Will go altogether for ~200€ and should satisfy all your needs.

I guess you don’t mean to share load but rather want to “remote control” another OH instance in another location, do you ?

The MQTT eventbus @rossko57 mentioned is the probably only right proposal for that, use v1 as probably about anyone to have already implemented this used that binding, the current MQTT (v2) binding to replace it is pretty new so I doubt anyone ever tried to use it for that purpose.

I don’t think the OP meant to share load because he ran out of power on his Pi. I have yet to see an OH installation to really require anything more powerful.

I haven’t implemented it yet but the features are there, though you need to implement part in Rules. See https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/mqtt.generic/#synchronise-two-instances for the skeleton of a tutorial. Not having implemented it yet I can’t comment on how easy that is or how much work it is.

There is also likely going to be work to make something like this part of the core for OH 3.

would in not be possible to buils a binding that enables to extend eventbus on bus level over ethernet.

The you can decentralize installation on different devices.

Core thing on one (lights, heathing), sonsos on another and so on.


The MQTT 1 binding already does.

For 2.x bindings I think this would violate the contract bindings have with the core so it wouldn’t be allowed.

But ultimately it is a capability that belongs in the core, not in a binding.

I have tried the mqtt solution and have to create things on both devises.


Of course. Sharing events does not share configuration.